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                                     Books for IIT JEE Preparation:
                                          Organic Chemistry Books

(1) Organic Chemistry
Book by Paula Yurkanis Bruice
(2)Solomin's Organic Chemistry
(3) Organic Chemistry
Book by Jagdamba Singh
(4) March’s Advanced Organic
Book by Jerry March
(5) Morrison and Boyed Organic Chemistry
Boook by Morrison Boyed
(7) Workbook for Organic Synthesis
Book by Stuart Warren
(8) Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reaction Mechanisms
Book by Reinhard Bruckner
(9) Organic Synthesis: The Disconnection Approach 
Workbook By Stuart Warren
(10) Cengage Organic Chemistry
Book by K.S. Verma
(11) Organic Chemistry
This is one of most famous book of chemistry it is not only a book, this is more over like your  best friend. The book explains each and every concept precisely and accurately, this is a holy book for IIT, CSIR and other competitive exams.

I have no words to do review on that book but I want to say without learning that book chemistry syllabus of any exams cannot be complete so must buy it and learn organic like a story book.

Anyone can by this awesome book from Amazon followed by this link Clayden Organic Chemistry on Amazon

                                           Physical Chemistry Books

(1) Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations
 Book by R.C. Mukherjee
(2) Balaji Advanced problems in Physical chemistry
Book by Narendra Awasthi
(3) Physical Chemistry
Book by P. Bahadur
(4) University Physical Chemistry
Book by Bruce Mahan (Vast Knowledge, Extra Syllabus, But Amazing book for understanding)
(5) Raymond Chang
 (Nice Book, but not completely suitable for JEE in terms of syllabus)
(6) General Chemistry
Book by Darell D. Ebbing
(7) Physical Chemistry
 Book by O.P Tandon
(8) Physical chemistry
 Book by KS Verma (Cengage Publications)
(9) Physical Chemistry
Book by P.W. Atkins (Oxford publication)
(10) Physical Chemistry
Book by Ranjeet Shahi (Arihant publication)

                                    Inorganic Chemistry Books:

(1) NCERT Textbooks for Chemistry
 Book by NCERT
(2) A textbook of Inorganic Chemistry
Book by Dr. O.P. Tandon
(3) Inorganic chemistry
Book by J. D. LEE
(4) Inorganic chemistry
Book by R. K. Gupta (Arihant Publication)
(5) A Logical Approach to Modern Inorganic Chemistry 
Book by Jagdamba Singh 


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