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Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Why Bond length of O-O is greater in H2O2 than O2F2?

Electronegativity of F is much more than hydrogen and also hybridization of oxygen atoms in of H2O2 and O2F2 both have (sp3) same and hence we can apply bent’s rule.

According bent’s rule more eletronegative atoms reduce % s-character (or increases % p-character vice versa) of those hybride orbital in which they attach. So in case of O2F% s-character of those hybride orbital decrease which have  flourine while % p-character increases in same way % s-character of  remaing hybride orbital inceases and p-character decreases hence its bond length also (bond length is directly proportional to % p-character) decreases.  hence O-O bond length in O2F2 is shorter thane H2O2.