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Iodine forms I3- but F2 does not form F3- ions. Why?

I2 because of the presence of vacant d– orbitals accepts electrons form 
I ions to form I3 ions but F2 because of the absence of d – orbitals does not 
accept electrons from F ions to form F3- ions.

Why the elements of the second row (first short period) show a number of differences in properties from other members of their respective families?

The differences in the properties of the first member of a group from those of the other members are due to 
(i) the smaller size of atom. 
(ii) presence of one inner shell of two electrons and 
(iii) absence of d – orbitals.

Why is nitrous oxide (N2O) used as an anaesthetic in dentistry?

N2O is used as an anaesthetic in dentistry because of its inertness.

Where is liquid nitrogen used for?

Liquid nitrogen is used as a refrigerant to preserve biological specimen, and also used for providing low temperature in super conductivity.

Why does H3PO3 acts as a reducing agent but H3PO4 does not?

H3PO3 contains one P H bond and hence acts as a reducing agent but H3PO4 does.

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Trisilyl amine, N(SiH3)3 is planar whereas trimethyl amines N(CH3)3 is pyramidal. Explain why?.

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