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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

What is British Anti Lewsite (BAL) ?

British Anti Lewsite (BAL) is a antidote of Lewsite developed by Britain in world war (II). The poisonous action of Lewsite may be checked by BAL which is combined with it to form a non toxic compound.

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What is Lewsite gas ?

Lewsite ( 2-Chlorovinyldichloroarsine) is a Chlorine and arsenic containing organic compound. It is four time powerful poisonous gas than musturd gas. It causes immediate death because it penetrates clothes and body tissues. It's toxic nature found due to its reaction with -SH group of enzymes. 
Lewsite form by reaction of Ethene with Arsenic chloride  in the presence of catalyst AlCl3 or Cu2Cl2 or HgCl2.

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After the use of Pyrene (a fire extinguisher), the room should be ventilated.why?.

After the use of Pyrene (a fire extinguisher), the room should be ventilated because pyrene reacrs with water vapours at high temperature to produce a highly poisonous phosgene gas.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

What is a haloform reaction?

The oxidative cleavage of Methyl ketones as well as acetaldehyde and 2° terminal alcohol into into a carboxylate anion and a trihalomethane  (haloform) by the reaction of one of halogen in the presence of strong alkali like NaOH or KOH is known as Haloform reaction.

The respective halogen can be chlorine, bromine or iodine.The methyl group of a methyl ketone is converted into an trihalomethane by multiple subsequent steps, that involve formation of an intermediate enolate anion.

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Chlorination of ethane to ethyl chloride is more practicable than chlorination of n-Pentane to 1-Chloropentanc. Why ?

What is the chemical formula of substances which gives a positive iodoform test?

The ketones containing terminal -COCH3 group generally gives positives Iodoform test. For example butan-2-one,  Pentan-2-one, Acetone etc.
It is Most common test for terminal methyl ketones but Iodoform also given by terminal 2° alcohols like Ethanol (CH3CH2OH), Propan-2-ol (CH3CH2(OH) CH3 ), Butan-2-ol, Pentan-2-ol etc
Aldehyde does not gives Iodoform test positive except CH3CHO.
Methylene  active hydrogen containg ketones also gives positive Iodoform test for example  pentane-2,4-dione , Chatechol, and resorcinol etc

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Monday, January 27, 2020

What is Chloretone ?

What is Phosgene gas ?

Phosgene is a chlorine containing highly poisonous  gas, which formed by oxidation of chloroform in the presence of oxygen and sunlight.

To prevent the formation of Phosgene from chloroform following measures are taken 
(1) chloroform kept in brown the bottles.
(2) these bottles are filled with capacity to exclude any air.