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Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Lux- Flood Acid-Base Concept:

The Lux-Flood concept is given by Lux in 1929 and supported by Flood in 1947. Lux-Flood concept is based on oxide ion acceptor and donor tendency.

Lux-Flood bases:  According to this concept bases are those species which can donate oxide ions examples.

Lux-Flood Acids:  According to this concept Acids are those species which can accept oxide ions.

Chemical Reactions according Lewis acid-base concept:

Acid-base reaction in term Lux-Flood acid and base is a specific reactions in which oxide ions are mainly use in molten form or at high temperature.

Amphoteric Nature of Oxides as per Lux-Flood Concept:

Acidic Nature of Xenon fluoride as per Lux-Flood Concept:

According to Lux –Flood concept Xenon fluorides accept oxide ions from other compounds and insert fluorides ions in its place.

For examples

The Order of decreasing Lux-Flood acidity of Xenon Fluorides is given as:

Limitations of Lux-Flood Acid –base Concept:

(1) It is dealing with anhydrous reaction in fused molten oxides and  other high temperature reactions found in metallurgy and ceramics.

(2) When Lux-Flood, acidic and basic of oxide react with water gives corresponding acid and base.

Limitations of Lux-Flood Acid –base Concept:

(1) Base must contain oxide ion and acid must have accept oxide ions.

(2)It fails to explain reaction without  metal ions

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