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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

An air bubble starts rising from the bottom of lake, it diameter is 3.6 mm at bottom and 4 mm at the surface. The depth of lake is 250 cm and temperature at surface is 40℃ . What is the temperature at the bottom of lake? (Given atmospheric pressure = 76 cm of Hg and g= 980 cm sec-1 neglect surface tension effect).

A bubble of gas released at bottom. of the lake increase to four time its original volume when it reach the surface. assuming that atmosphere ic pressure is equivalent to the exerted by a column of water 10 m height. What is the depth of the lake.

Radius of bubble X-1 is 0.32 cm and X-2 is 0.48 cm. What is the temperature of of pond at the position of bubble X-2. If presure of the Bottom of the pond is 2.8 atm and at the top is 1 atm.

(A) 40℃
(B) 50℃
(C) 60℃
(D) 70℃
Ans Key: (C) 60℃

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