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Organic Chemistry

Reaction mechanism:

(1) GOC (General Organic chemistry):

(1) Dancing resonance or Sigma Resonance:

(2) Bredt's rule :

(3) Inversion of Amines:

(4) Steric Inhibition in Resonance Or SIR effect :

(5) Basicity of Guanidine :

(6) Stability of Heteroatomic carbocations:

(7) Biological Important of Imidazole and structure:


(9) Ring Expansion Mechanism:

(10)  Isomerism: Find number of isomers:

(11) GOC: Reasoning Questions:

(2) Substitution reactions:

(1) Nucleophilic Aliphatic Substitution Reactions : (SN):
(2) Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution Reactions : (SN-Ar):



(A)  SN1 (Aromatic) Type:


     SN-Ar-:Meisenheimer complex Intermediate:

 (3) SN-Ar-Elimination-Addition: Benzyne Intermediate Mechanism:

    Benzyne Intermediate Mechanism: SN-Ar Reaction:

(3) Free Radical Substitution Reactions : (F.R.SN):
(4) Electrophilic Substitution Reactions : (E.S.R.):

 (3) Acidic strength Order:

  1. Highly branched carboxylic acids are less acidic than unbranched acids. Explain why?
  2. Benzamide is less easily hydrolysed than methyl benzoate. Why ?
  3. Alcohols and Phenols both are acidic but phenols are more acidic. Why?
  4. Which is more acidic 2-methyl benzoic acid , 3-methyl benzoic acid or 4-methyl benzoic acid.?
  5. Why is o-toluic acid (2-methyl benzoic acid) stronger than benzoic acid ?
  6. What is the ortho effect? Why are nearly all ortho substitute benzoic acids (except some groups) stronger acid than benzoic acid?
  7. Name of groups which does not show ortho effect in benzoic acid?
  8. Why Picric acid (2,4,6-trinitrophenol) is weak acid then expected ?
  9. What is Steric Inhibition of Deprotonation effect ? Or SID effect ?
  10. Alcohols and Phenols both are acidic but phenols are more acidic. Why?
  11. Among orthochlorophenol and orthofluorophenol, which will be a stronger acid and why?
  12. Why The phenoxide ion is more stable than phenol ?
  13. What is correct acidic strengths order of the haloforms acids ? Give correct explanation.
  14. Lower aliphatic acids having 1 to 5 carbons are soluble in water but higher fatty acids having six or more than six carbon are insoluble in water but soluble in alcohol. Explain.
  15. Phenoxide ion is more stable than an alkaoxide. why?
  16. Why does aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution dissolve carboxylic acids but not phenol though they are also acidic ?
  17. Chloroform is more acidic than fluoroform why?
  18. Fluorine is more electronegative than chlorine even then, p-flurobenzoic acid is weaker acid than p-chlorobenzoic acid explain ?

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