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About Us:

About Chemzipper.com:
ChemZipper.com is initiative of Mr. Sunil Kumar, who is a chemistry expert and renowned name in realm of coaching field and have more than 15 years experience in teaching and writing field for higher secondary school and mainly competitive level exams like IIT JEE (MAIN, ADVANCED) , NEET (PMT) and other competitive exams.

ChemZipper.com provides free study materials for chemistry learner at +1 and +2 level (11th and 12th Class) mainly competitive level like IIT JEE (MAIN, ADVANCED), NEET (PMT) and other competitive exams and The study materials in the site has been compiled as per the syllabus prescribed by Higher Secondary Education Boards of Indian States and The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). 

I hope ChemZipper.com be a good tool for chemistry learners. I would be pleased to hear any comments and suggestions from you about ChemZipper.com, at chemzipper@gmail.com.

About Owner and writer:

Mr. Sunil kumar sir has a Master degree in Chemistry and Chemo informatics from Jamia Hamdard University New Delhi and also P.G. In Drugs design and discovery.

More than 15 years teaching experience in Chemistry in reputed national level institute like Narayana IIT Academy  New Delhi , Bansal Classes Kota, and Aakash Institute Ghatkopar Mumbai Maharastra.

Over course of his career several students taught by him ware able to secure top rank in Chemistry as well as Competitive exams like NEET and IIT JEE.

I would be pleased to hear any comments and suggestions from you about ChemZipper.com, at sakal.sunil@gmail.com

Thank you!! 

Enjoy learning!!                                                


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