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Wednesday, June 26, 2019


The substance used in metallurgical process to decrease melting point of an ore or a substance used to react gangue (impurities present in ore) to form Slag.
Type of flux: Fluxes are of two types’ viz., acidic flux and basic flux.
(A) Acidic flux: It is an acidic oxide (oxide of a non-metal) like SiO2, P2O5, and B2O3 (from borax).
It is used to remove the basic impurity like CaO, FeO, MgO etc. The acidic flux combines with the basic impurity and forms a slag. 

(B) Basic flux: It is a basic oxide (i.e., oxide of a metal) like CaO (obtained from lime stone, CaCO3), MgO (from magnesite, MgCO3), haematite (Fe2O3) etc. It is used to remove the acidic impurity like SiO2, P2O5 etc. The basic flux combines with the acidic impurity and forms a slag. 

Thus, slag can be defined as a fusible mass, which is obtained when a flux reacts with an infusible acidic or basic impurity present in the oxide ore.

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