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Wednesday, April 17, 2019


It is an alternate form in which ZnS occurs in nature. The main features of this structure are
                                    A unit cell representation of wurtzite structure
(1) Sulphide ions have HCP arrangement and zinc ions occupy tetrahedral voids.
(2)  Only half the alternate tetrahedral voids are occupied by Zn+2 ions.
(3)  Coordinate no. of Zn+2 ions as well as S-2 ions is 4. Thus, this structure has 4 : 4 coordination.
(4)  No. of Zn+2 ions per unit cell: 
                                 = 4(within the unit cell) ´1 + 6(at edge centres) ´1/3  = 6
(5) No. of S-2 ions per unit cell =
                                 = 12(at corners) ´1/6 +2 (at face centres) ½ +3 (within the unit cell)1=6
                            Thus, there are 6 formula units per unit cell.

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