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Thursday, May 30, 2019


(A) Threshold Energy and Activation Energy:
Threshold energy(THE): For a reaction to take place the reacting molecules must colloid together, but only those collisions, in which colliding molecules possess certain minimum energy is called threshold energy (THE or ET) or the total minimum energy that reacting species must possess in order to undergo effective collision to form product molecules is called threshold energy.
Activation energy (Ea): It is extra energy which must be possessed by reactant molecules so that collision between reactant molecules is effective and leads to formation of product molecules.
ET =Threshold Energy, (THE)

HR = Enthalpy or Energy or Potential of reactants.
HP = Enthalpy or Energy or Potential of product,
(Ea)f =Activation energy for forward reaction.
(Ea)b =Activation energy for backward reaction.
Activated complex: It is formed between reacting molecules which is highly unstable and readily changes into product.

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