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Sunday, May 26, 2019


Consider a general chemical reaction its follow zero order kinetics
[A] 0 =initial concentration of reactant A
[A]t = concentration of after time t
[B]t = concentration of product B after time t
On Integration of above equation:
On rearrangement equation (1) give equation of straight line
Note: Concentration of reactant after regular interval of time will constitute an arithmetical progression (AP) 

Similarly concentration of product B after time t

Unit of rate constant:    K= Mol/litre second
Half life period:  Time required converting half of the reactant to product i.e. life of zero order reaction may give as

Imp note: In zero order reaction average rate of reaction is equal to instantaneous rate of reaction
100% completion of time: It is time in which reactant completely converted into product.

ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (1): The graph show decomposition of Ammonia  on Pt surface it initial concentration of ammonia is 0.1 M then calculate the time required for the 40% completion of reaction.
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (2): A certain zero order reaction has k=0.025 M /S for disappearance of A what will be the concentration of  A after 15 second if initial concentration is 0.5 M?
SOLUTION: concentration of A after time of t is [A]t

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