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Wednesday, June 19, 2019


The chemical reaction in which a substance reacts or decomposed in more than one way are called parallel or side reaction.
Some examples of parallel reactions:

Let a chemical reaction in which reactant (A) give two products (B) and (C) and both the reactions are first order reactions. Initially at t=0, pure (A) was present with concentration [A]0 and after time t concentration of (A) is [A]t and concentration of (B) is [B]t and concentration of (C) becomes [C]t
[A]t -Concentration of [A] after time t:
[B]t -Concentration of [B] after time t:
[C]t -Concentration of [C] after time t:
Graphical representation of variation of conc of [A], [B], [C] with time: If K1>>> K2 then [B] is the main product and [C] is the side product
Ratio of concentration of (A) and (C) After time t is:
Percentage Yield of Product:
Time of completion and half life of reactant:
Question for Illustration (1):  Cu64 (Half life=22.8 hours) decay by beta emission (38%), beta+ emission (19%) and electron capture (43%). write the decay product and calculate Half lives for each of the decay process. [IIT 2002]
 (2Above are parallel reactions occurring from Cu64   
T1 T2 and T3 are the corresponding partial half lives and also K= K1 + K2 + K3 (for parallel reaction) 
PARALLEL REACTION: ILLUSTRATION TYPE (2): for Continue reading click here ...


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