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What are structural information of Dimomd ?

Only those atoms which form four covalent bond produce a repeated 3D structure using only covalent bonds i.g. diamond structure the latter is based  on of a face centred cubic lattice where four out of eight tetrahedral voids are occupied by canon atoms. Every atoms in this structure is surrounded tetrahedrally by four other. No discrete molecule can be dicemed in diamond .the entire crystal is giant molecule a unit cell of which is shown as below.

Lattice of Diamond is ZnS type structure.
(1) C- form FCC (4-atom)
(2) C- atoms present at the 
Alternative tetrahedral voids (4-atoms)
(3) Total Number of one lattice unit is eight(8) hence molecular formula of diamond is (C8)
(4) Number of C-C bond in lattice cell is = 4×4= 16
(5) Number of C-C bond per carbon atom is 16/8=2
(6) the distance between two Corbin atom is d_C-C = a√3/4
(7) PE = π√3/10= 0.34 or 34%
(8) Voids = 66 % 

Germanium, silicon and grey tin also crystallize in the same way as diamond.

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