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Thursday, June 18, 2020

What is Associated Colloids (Micelles) ?

There are some substances which at low concentrations behaves as normal, strong electrolytes but at higher concentrations exhibit colloidal  behaviour due to the formation of aggregated particles. The aggregated particles thus formed are called micelles. These are also known as associated colloids. 
The formation of micelles take place only above a particular temperature called kraft temperature (Tk) and above a particular concentration called critical micelle concentration (CMC). On dilution, these colloids revert back to individual ions. Surface active agents such as soaps and synthetic detergents belong to this class. For soaps, the CMC is -10-4
to 10-3 molperL. 
These colloids have both lyophobic and lyophilic parts. Micelles may contains as many as 100 molecules or more.

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