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Saturday, June 27, 2020

Why does CO form a coordinate bond?

In carbon monoxide molecule carbon and oxygen form a double bond by sharing of two bond pairs , in which 
carbon as well oxygen contributes 2 electrons to each other to form a double bond . 
Now octet of oxygen is completed but carbon is left with two (2) valence electrons and it has a total of six electrons so it's octet is incompleted.

Hence carbon is relatively unstable than oxygen atom because oxygen has nearest noble gas configuration of 8 electrons in their valence shell.

So in order to attain stability oxygen contributes one of its lone pair of electrons to the carbon atom in the formation of a coordinate bond . This leads to completion of octet of both carbon and oxygen .
Important note: 
In coordinate bond a pair of electrons is shared between two atoms but it is contributed by a single atom( Here contributor of lone pair is oxygen atom).

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