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Saturday, October 10, 2020

What is Oleum ?

1) Oleum can be represented by the formulaySO3.H2O where y is the total molar sulphur trioxide content .the value of y can be varied to different Oleum sample.
(2) Oleum also be expressed  as H2SO4.xSO3where x is molar free suphur trioxide.
(3) Oleum is the solution of of sulphur trioxide in sulphuric acid , it is also known as  fuming sulphuric acid or Pyrosulphuric acid(H2S2O7=H2SO4+SO3).
(4) Oleum sample contain two type of SO3.

(i) Free SO3:- It is that SO3 which combined with water water to give H2SO4 .
(ii) Combined SO3:- The SO3 which is present in H2SO4 itself is known as combined SO3 and it does not react with water.

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