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Why the extent of overlap is more in 2p-3d than 2p-3p?

The order of overlapping strength of orbitals is given as:

The strength of π-bond is directly proportional to the overlapping strength of orbitals because on greater overlapping distance between two nuclei decreases and bond strength increase hence order of π-bond also given as:


2pπ-2pπ, π-bonding is stronger than 2pπ-3dπ, π-bonding due to the lower energy gap (n=2) between them.
The importance comparison is in between 2pπ-3dπ and 2pπ-3pπ. The overlapping strength of 2pπ-3dπ  is more than 2pπ-3pπ this is due to fact that , the 3d orbitals have two lobes which are more bent than 3p orbitals. That why overlapping strength increase.

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