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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Pyro-oxy acids:

The term "Pyro" use for those oxy acid which are formed by removal of one water molecule from two molecules of same oxy acid and resulting product is also an oxy acid then the product acid is named with prefix "Pyro"

For Examples:

H3BO3 (), H2CO3 (), H4SiO4 (), HNO3 (×), HPO3 (), HPO4 (), H2SO4 (), HCl4 (×)

(×) "Pyro" form not possible.

() "Pyro" form possible.

(1) In general those oxy acids are formed “pyro” acid which contains atleast two hydrogen atoms.

(2) In general all the “pyro” oxy acids contain oxy-linkage except "pyro sulphurous acid"

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