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Sunday, May 22, 2022

How determination of chirality in Meso compounds ?

Identifying planes of symmetry in Fischer formulas is relatively easy, since they are planar representations.
The following illustrations show examples of both chiral and achiral molecules.
The process of assigning absolute configurations to the chiral centers in molecules containing two or more of them is basically an extension of the process followed for molecules containing only one. However, it helps to isolate the chiral centers and deal with one at a time to avoid confusion.
The following example illustrates this point. In this example we have numbered the carbon atoms in the
main chain according to IUPAC rules that will be studied later.
We have also marked the chiral carbons with asterisks.
Once the chiral centers have been identified, we focus on one at a time (shown as a red dot). First, we isolate carbon-2, then we assign priorities to the groups bonded to it, and assign configuration. In this case the configuration of carbon-2 turns out to be (R). A similar process for carbon-3 also leads to (R) configuration.
The IUPAC notation used to indicate the configurations at carbons 2 and 3 is therefore (2R, 3R).

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