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Thursday, September 1, 2022

Gram Molecular Mass:

The molecular mass of a substance (Molecule) express in gram is called gram molecular mass of the substance.
Mass of 6.022×10^23 molecules of a substance is define as gram molecular mass or GMM.
Mass of one mole  of a molecule is called GMM.
For example for O2 molecule:
Molecular mass of O2 molecule = mass of one  OF molecule = 2 × mass of one "O" atom = 2× 16 amu = 32 amu

GMM= mass of 6.022×10^23 "O2" molecules =
32 amu × 6.022×10^23 "O2"  molecules.
GMM= 32  × 6.022×10^23 × 1.67 ×10 ^-24 gram
GMM = 32 amu
Note : (6.022×10^23 × 1.67 ×10 ^-24  =1)

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