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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Connected Containers: Problems:

(1) Two vessels A and B with rigid walls containing ideal gases. The pressure, temperature and the volume are P_A, T_A and V in the vessel A and P_B , T_B and V in vessel B . the vessels are now connected through a small tube. P/T value is equal to.

(2) Two closed bulbs of equal volume (V) containing an ideal gas initially at pressure Pi and temperature Ti are connected through a narrow tube of negligible volume as shown in the figure below. The pressure of one of the bulb is raised to T2. The final pressure is: (JEE Mains-2016)

(3) A closed tank has two compartments A and B, both filled with oxygen (assumed to be ideal gas). The partition separating the two compartments is fixed and is a perfect heat insulator (Figure 1). If the old partition is replaced by a new partition which can slide and conduct heat but does not allow the gas to leak across (Figure 2), the volume (in m3) of the compartment A after the system attains equilibrium is--- (IIT-Ad-2018)

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