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Monday, August 28, 2023

Dobereiner’s law of traids:

It was first attempt towards classification. He arranged similar elements in a group of three elements called triad and the atomic mass of the middle elements of the traid is approximately the arithmetic mean of the other two.

For example : Ca (40), Sr (87.5) Ba (137)

At. wt. of Sr = (40+137)/2= 88.5

88.5 is nearly similar to 87.5 of atomic wt. of Sr

Such a group of elements is called Dobereiner’s triad.

Dobereiner could arrange only a few elements as triads and there are some such elements present in a 
triad, whose atomic weights are approximately equal, e.g.
Fe Co Ni
Ru Rh Pd
Therefore, this hypothesis was not acceptable for all elements.

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