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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


"It is not possible to determine simultaneously the exact position and exact moment of a particle as small as an electron"
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (1): If error in position of an electron is 0.33 pm, what will be the error in its velocity? (1 pm=10-12

ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (2): If H+ (ion) is accelerated to a final velocity of 6.62×10+6 meter per second and error in velocity is 1% then find uncertainty in position is?
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (3): Radius of nucleus is the order of 10-13 cm (10-15 m) and thus on the basis of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle .show that electron cannot exist within the atomic nucleus?
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (4): If uncertainty in position and momentum of electron  are equal then prove that uncertainty in velocity  is ...
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (5):If uncertainty in momentum of an electron are three times of uncertainty in position then uncertainty in velocity of electron would be  
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (6): What is the uncertainty of Photon in position of  wave length 500 A .If wave length is known to an accuracy of 1pm. 
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (7): An electron is accelerated by (V) volt and following graph is obtained calculate the (V) voltage?
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (8): A electron having velocity 2×10+6 m/s has uncertainty in kinetic energy is 6.62/π×10-34 j, than calculate the uncertainty in position of electron in Anstrom .
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (9): Two particles A and B are in motion .if the wave length associated with particle A is 5×10-8 m. Calculate the wave length associated with particle B if momentum is Half of A?
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (10): If uncertainty in position of an moving electron is equal to its de Broglie wave length, then its velocity will be completely uncertain. Explain?
ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (11): If the de Broglie wave length of a particle of mass (m) is 100 times of its Velocity. Then its value in term of its mass (m) and plank constant (h) is?

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