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LLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (1): 200 gm of CaCO3 sample on heating produces 11.2 liters of CO2 (g) at STP. Calculate % purity of CaCO3 sample?
LLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (2): Calculate the amount of 80 % pure NaOH sample required to react with 21.3 gm Chlorine in hot condition.
LLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (3): When 1.25 gm sample of Chalk is strongly heated. 0.44 gm of CO2 is produced. Calculate % purity of Chalk sample?
LLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (4): The Mass of 80% pure H2SO4 required to completely neutralize 106 gm of Na2CO3?

LLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (5): When dilute HCl is added to 5.73 gm of contaminated CaCO3, 2.49 gm of CO2 is obtained. Find % purity of CaCO3 sample?
LLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLE (6): A sample of impure Iron pyrite (FeS2when 13.9 gm heated then it produces iron (iii) oxide (Fe2O3) and Sulphur dioxide (SO2). If 8.02 gm Iron (iii) oxide is obtained, what was the % purity of given sample (original-FeS2)?

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