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Colour of Complexes due to charge transfer:

Colour originated by charge transfer when electronic transition occurs from one part of the Complex to other part i.e.  Such type is also called internal Redox reaction.
Intensity of colour in such type transition is very high as they do not require following any selection rule.
(A) Charge transfer from ligands to metal:
Examples ,
MnO4 - , MnO4 -2 , CrO4 -2, Cr2O7 -2 , [Fe(H2O)5(NO)]+2 , Na4[Fe(CN)5(NOS)].
(B) Charge transfer from metal to ligands:
[Fe(CO)5] , [Fe (pi-C2H5)2],  [Cr (pi-C6H6)2],
(C) Charge transfer from metal to metal:
Examples - Prussian Blue:
                      Turnbull Blue:

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