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Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Compounds that contain at least one carbon-metal bond are called organometallic compounds. Zeisse, in 1830, prepared the first organometallic compound by the action of ethylene on a solution of potassium chloroplatinate (II). In the last four decades, enormous work has been done in this field any many fascinating compounds have been synthesised and investigated. Grignard reagent, R-Mg-X is a familiar example of organometallic compounds where R is an alkyl group. Diethyl zinc [Zn(C2H5)2] , lead tetraethyl [Pb(C2H5)4] , ferrocene [Fe(C5H5)2] dibenzene chromium [CrC6H6)2] metal carbonyls are other examples of organometallic compounds. The compounds of metalloids such as germanium and antimony and non-metallic elements such as boron and silicon are also included under this classification.
Organometallic compounds may be classified in three classes :

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