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Monday, December 28, 2020

What is Bent’s rule of hybridization?

According to the bent's rule the more electronegative atom not only prefer to stay in that Hybride orbital which having less  % S character (more p-character) but it also decreases % S-character and increases % P-character in its attached orbital from the central atom.

On increasing % s character in hybrid orbital , the bond length  decreases while bond angle increases.

For example:C-H bond of CH4 is longer than C-H bond of floromethan (CH3F) because In CH4 all the Sp3 hybrid orbitals are equal in term of  s-% character(25%) and % p-charater(75%)  so that all C-H bond in CH4  are equal while in case of CH3F the hybrid orbital has more p-character (more than 75%) and less s-character (less then 25%) containg fluorine atom and other hybrid orbitals have less p-character (less than75%) and more s-character (more than 25%) hence C-H bond length of CH3F decreases.


 (1): Bent’s rule is applicable in those molecules where central atoms are same and they are also in same Hybridization.

For example N-N bond length cannot be compared in N2H4 and N2O4 using Bent rule.

(2): Bent’s rule violets in those molecules where steric factor’s plays dominating rule.

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