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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

How to find oxy-linkage present in a given oxy-acid:

 If calculated/avarage oxidation state of central atoms in an oxy acid/oxyanion /oxide having two or more central atomis found to be one of the its common oxidation state then oxy-linkage will be present however this rule is not applicable for hyponitrous acid(H2N2O2), thiosulphuric acid(H2S2O3) and pyrosulphuric acid (H2S2O5).

For example H6P4O13  has calculated/avarage oxidation state of p=+5 and one of common oxidation state of p is +3 and +5 it means calculated oxidation state match with common oxidation state so there is oxy-linkage(P-O-P) present.

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