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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Resonance energy:

The energy differecnce between most stable resonating structure and resonance hybrid is known as
resonance energy.
 (1) It ís the experimental value which is calculated by heat of hydrogenation (HOH).
(2) Higher the value of resonance energy, greater is the resonance stabilization.

Resonance Energy of Benzene :
The experimental value heat of hydrogenation for benzene is 51 Kcal.
The resonance energy of benzene is calculated fromthe heat of hydrogenation as given below :
Resonance energy comparison:

(1) Consider better resonance or equivalent resonating structures,molecules having equivalent resonating
structures must have more resonance energy, than non-equivalent resonating structures.
(2) Aromatic compound have more resonance energythan non-aromatic compound. 
(3) In case of larger conjugation, more will be the Resonance energy.
(4) Resonance energy will be more, when π-bond, lone pair conjugation is present than π, π-conjugation

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