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Monday, January 28, 2019


Boron is metalloids of 13th group and it does not occur in Free State. The major ores of boron are a small number of borate (boron oxide) minerals, including
(1) From Borax: Boron may be obtained by treating borax with hot concentrated HCl, or H2SO4,  igniting the boric acid H3BO3 to give the oxide B2O3 and finally reduced with Na, K, Al, Mg.
Step-(1) conversion of borax into boron oxide:
Step-(2) conversion of Boron oxide into boron:
(2) From Colemanite:
Physical properties:
(1) It is a non-metal. Boron occurs in two different allotropic forms Amorphous and   Crystalline
(2) Amorphous boron has not been obtained in the pure state.
(3) Crystalline boron is a black powder, extremely hard with a metallic appearance but with very low electrical conductivity.

Chemical properties:
(1) Reaction with non oxy acids:
(2) Reaction with Oxy acids:

(3) Reaction with Oxy water:
(4) Reaction with Base:
(5) Reaction with Metals:
(6) Reaction with Non-metals
 (7) Reaction with Ammonia:
Structure of Borazine:

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