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Thursday, February 13, 2020

What are most common cyclic meta silicates?

(1) Number of oxygen atoms shared per tetrahedron is 2(Two).
(2) Total number of shared oxygen towards one Si atom is one (1)
(3) In cyclic silicates each tetrahedron shares its two oxygen atoms with other tetrahedron atom such that a cyclo silicates is formed.
(4) General formula is (SinO2n)-2n where n =3, 4,5,6,7 etc 
(5)The most common cyclic polysilicates are the cyclic trimers, (SiO3)36- and the cyclic hexamers (SiO3)612-.
(6) The most common cyclic trimer is Benitoite [BaTi(Si3O9)] and Wollasponite           [Ca3(Si3O9)] 

(7) The most common cyclic hexamer is found in the mineral Beryl [Be3Al2(Si3O9)2] or Be3Al2(Si6O18).

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