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Sunday, September 26, 2021

What is the misconceptions about resonance?

Many misconceptions are associated with resonance and the same need to be dispelled. 
You should remember that : 
(1) The cannonical forms have no real        existence.
(2)The molecule does not exist for a       certain fraction of time in one     cannonical form and for other       fractions of time in other cannonical       forms.
(3) There is no such  equilibrium between the cannonical forms as we have between tautomeric forms (keto and enol) in tautornerisrn. 
(4) The molecule as such has a single       structure which is the resonance       hybrid of the cannonical forms and       which cannot as such be depicted by     a single Lewis structure.
(5) Resonance is a theoratical concept. The resonating structure have no physical reality, i.e., they do not actually exist. Only the hybrid structure exists. The hybride structure can not be represented on the paper but resonating structure can be represented.

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