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Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Chemical methods of purification/refining of metals:

These methods include the following methods :
The method is used when the impurities present in the metal have a greater affinity for oxygen and are more readily oxidized than the metal. Then these oxides may be removed as follows 

(A) These oxide may form a scum on the surface of the metal. This scum can easily be removed by
(B) If the oxides are volatile, they escape from the mouth of the furnace.
(C) The oxides may form a slag with the lining on the inside surface of the furnace and may thus be removed. In the formation of the slag, the lining acts as a flux.This method is usually employed for refining metals like Pb, Ag, Cu, Fe, etc. In this method the molten impure metal is subjected to oxidation by various ways.
(6) Vapour phase refining:

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