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Monday, December 30, 2019

Four-center two-electron bond (4C-2e Bond): Structure of AlCl3:

(1) Al2Cl6 is neither hypovalent nor hypovalent rather its octet is complete. We will used  MOT here  it cannot act as Lewis acid  due to crowding in spite having vacant d orbital’s   however AlCl3  act as Lewis acid .

(2) Al2Cl6 contains six bonds having two bridge bonds (3c-4e) and four bonds is (2C-2e) bridge bonds are lies perpendicular to plane.
(3) The bond lengths of terminal Al−Cl bonds are shorter (206 pm) while bond length of bridged Al−Cl bonds are longer (221 pm) and also outer bond angle (Cl−Al−Cl) are greater (118) than inner bond angle (Al−Cl−Al).
(4) Maximum six atoms are lies in same plane which four terminal Cl and two aluminium atoms.
(5) AlCl3 in vapor phase or in non-polar solvent is dimeric Al2Cl6 hence sp3 hybridised having 3c-4e bonds.

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