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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Acid base theories (Concepts):

Characters of acids:

(1) acids convert blue litmus to red and methyl orange  indicator to  red .
(2) Sour in taste.
(3) It liberate hydrogen gas with active metals.
(4) Acids neutralized the effect of base 
(5) acids increases the conduction of water.

Characters of bases:

(1) bases convert the red litmus to blue and methyl orange indicator to yellow.
(2) Phenylphthlene indicator (white) to pink.
(3) Bitter in taste and soapy in touch.
(4) Bases neutralised the effect of acid.
(5) They increases conductance of water.

Acid base concepts:

(1) Arrhenius acid base concept:
(2) Bronsted Lowery acid base concept:
(3) Lewis acid base concept:

(4) The Solvent System (Self or Auto Ionization of Solvent):

(5) The Lux-Flood Acids-base concept:

(6) The Usanovich Acid-base concept:


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