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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Oxides of Halogens;

Halogens and oxygen they do not combine directly with oxygen due to high electron affinity of both halogens and oxygen but their oxides with oxygen can be prepared indirectly.

The compounds of oxygen with fluorine are called as fluorides (not a oxide) because fluorine is more electronegative than oxygen. Most of these compounds are endothermic and unstable and are likely to explode resulting in the formation of more stable products.

The compounds of chlorine ,bromine and Iodine with oxygen are called oxide because electronegtivity of oxygen is greater than these. And the common oxides of halogens are X2O, X2O3, X2O5, and X3O7 (common oxidation state of 17th group) and uncommon oxides are ClO2 (+4) and ClO3/Cl2O6 etc.







OF2 &O2F2

(+1) /X2O






























All the oxides are powerful oxidizing agents and decompose explosively when they are given mechanical shock or heat.

Structure of  chlorine oxides:

Structure of dichlorine heptaoxide:                   

Avarage oxidation state of Chlorine in Cl2O7 is one of the common oxidation state of the chlorine so there is (Cl-O-Cl) Oxy-linkage will be present. And one of oxygen atom is shared by both of chlorine atoms and rest of the oxygen atoms equally distributed.

The whole molecule dichlorine heptaoxide (Cl2O7) is non planer and polar and oxygen atom of (Cl-O-Cl) oxy-linkage does not involve in delocalization due to maximum repulsion hence two Cl-O bond have equal length and bond order may be/equal to one while other six Cl=O bond have eqaual bond length

In dichlorine heptaoxide (Cl2O7) , two ClO4 group connected with an oxygen atom which is sp3 hybridised (non planer) and bond angle may be expected 109⦁28’ but actually due to the presence of two lone pair on oxygen atom the Cl-O-Cl bond angle deviated from ideal and it may be greater (119⦁) than ideal bond angle.

Question (1): Number of sigma  and pi bonds present in Cl2O7 is/ are ....?

Number of sigma and pi bond present in Cl2O7 are (8) and (6) repectively.

Question(2):What is the anhydride of  HClO4 ?

Cl2​O7​ is the anhydride of  HClO4

Question (3):Number of equivalent Cl-O bond in Cl2O7 is/are….

Number of equivalent Cl-O bond in Cl2O7 are (2) two.


Question(4):Number of equivalent Cl=O bond in Cl2O7 is/are….

Number of equivalent Cl=O bond in Cl2O7 are (6) six.

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